Savor The Moment

Savor The Moment

In just a few days, I will be a grandparent for the third time. If I’d known being a grandparent was this much fun, I’d have done it first! Yup, I see you Grandparents nodding in agreement. It is so amazing watching my little 11 month old grandson discover the world around him

In the span of a few days, he has gone from barely hunching on his knees to climbing all over everything! Its like he is moving at lighting speed. (I think hes getting moving before his brother arrives). When I was a young mother, I marveled at my children, there was no more beautiful sight than my baby’s face. They smelled so good and felt so soft and wonderful. It was so surreal with each of my three children. As a grandparent, I’m in total awe. They are just a wonder. I look at my son with his son and I realize my life has come full circle. My children are grown and having children of their own. The best part is, I’m alive and well to see it.

I cant help but be amazed at how God has created all of us, so unique. Being a parent and now Grandparent is one of the ways I have learned to appreciate my life. The way I see it, it’s pretty good and everything good in life comes from Him. You gotta admit it’s pretty awesome. In a world full of pain, war, chaos and uncertainty, looking for the good is encouraging. Take time this week to savor every moment. It’s the simple things that make life an adventure.

Until next time,

Blessings and Peace.