Procrastination  stop it, and get started.

Procrastination stop it, and get started. -

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Wikipedia defines Procrastination as the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute".


How often do we engage in this practice. I'm going to start that exercise and eating right plan right after.....  I know its good for me but, the perceived pain of starting is not as pleasurable as eating those delicious cupcakes or having pancakes for breakfast instead of a spinach/kale carrot juice shake or, I'm going to finish that report as soon as this show goes off (after all its my favorite) or I'll call him/her tomorrow, I'm just too busy right now.  How about this one, I just don't want to face that situation right now, maybe if I wait long enough, it will just go away.  

Seriously though, I find myself procrastinating about more things than I care to admit.  When it finally comes down to the wire, I know that if I had started earlier, I wouldn't feel so rushed, or I probably would have done a much better job.  I admit it.  I've gotten away with doing a pretty good job on some things by the skin of my teeth, (yup I see you cosigning to that),  so I push the boundaries to see if I can pull another one out the hat.

When it comes to doing what you are called to do, the thing that gives your life have meaning, you can't afford to procrastinate.  Someone you may not even know, may be depending upon you to move forward and see things through.  I once heard someone say, "blessings for others are wrapped up in the things that you do".  I believe that's true.  It's like the "butterfly effect",  one action causes another and another and so on.  Doing the things that are uncomfortable, hard and even scary have purpose and mean more than what is on the surface.  Sometimes the outcomes may not be seen in your lifetime, but they are vital to someones future.

So, with that said, in the words of my good sister-friend Dr. Peggy Norwood, I'm doing something different for a change! I am making a commitment to not procrastinate.  I'm not just saying it, I'm going to ask someone to hold me accountable to my word. I'm asking you too.  

I am committed to completing 3 more songs within the next 6 months.  If you've ever written a song, its not as easy as it sounds. I'm a singer and songwriter, and encourager and exhorter.  God has given me a gift and I need to work it.  I'll share my progress with you and maybe ask for feedback as the projects evolve.  Wow, just saying that makes me feel a bit nervous, I'm already thinking have I over committed, I'm really putting myself out there, can I really do this?  Well, I won't know until I try so here it goes, I'm jumping in!    


Father please help me....I need You to do this... ok I'm pushing the button... publish

Until next time,

Blessings and Peace