Procrastination stop it, and get started.

Wikipedia defines Procrastination as the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute".

Be Authentic!

When someone wants you to know that what they are offering  of an item is true, a certificate of authenticity may be presented as proof.  Certificates of authenticity can be created for almost anything.  Even proof that a million dollar bill is the real deal.  Sadly, a lot of certificates of authenticity are counterfeit and many people find themselves being duped, tricked and even robbed of time money and trust because they put their faith in a mere piece of paper with fancy lettering on it.  What makes a certificate authentic is the power and foundation behind it.  Who backs  up that this certificate supporting that it is valid.

You Don't Have to Be Perfect to be Amazing

Its 4:40 in the morning and the house is quiet and still. I'm laying in bed in the calm darkness. I start to meditate on my life and how blessed I am to have a loving family, health, and strength.  I meditate on how good God is, and even though we are going through a tough time as a family, He has  opened doors, brought  our family closer together and has guided each of us into new areas of service.   I feel the urgency to rise and write.  I slip out of bed and go into my office.  Sitting silently I look around  and notice one of the affirmations I have on my wall.  It reads, "You don't have to be perfect to be Amazing".   Just them I had an AH -Ha moment.  I've looked at that statement so many times, but this morning it takes on new meaning.

Develop the discipline of a Master

The other day I was watching Spike Lee's Masterclass on film making. As you know, Spike Lee is a writer, producer, filmmaker, and overall excellent storyteller. He has a definite point of view when it comes to telling a story and through his many years of experience and his impressive body of work,  has earned the right to be called a "master" craftsman. Spike shared a bit of his process. One of the things he talked about was committing time to his craft every day.  He commits to writing four or five pages a day for his screenplays without fail.  There is no getting around putting in the work it takes to be excellent at your craft.

You Are what You Think

Have you ever found yourself thinking about things and wonder how those seeming random thoughts get in there? I do.  I'm going along through my day minding my own business and suddenly some really off the wall negative thought will come into my mind.  Like a situation that occurred earlier in the day that irritated me or a memory from long ago that brought up feelings, emotions or even visions. I know I'm not the only person who experiences this.  It can really throw off my day, and if I'm not careful change my whole mood which impacts everyone around me. I'm trying very hard to guard my mind so that I protect my heart.

Troubles, Choices and Change takes Courage

Someone once said, "You are either, in trouble, going through trouble or coming out of trouble"  I have found this to be true. Have you?  Its always something!  Every day on this planet presents us with troubles. These troubles present us with choices triggering changes for better or worse every singe day.  Its weird, I sometimes don't know if those changes are going to help or hurt.   Sometimes fear of the unknown is so strong that we don't do anything and hope that the trouble will just go away.  News flash, doing nothing is a choice too.  going forward I choose to take troubles head on and make changes with courage. Will you?