Change The World

Yesterday I was listening to legendary trumpeter Miles Davis.  I am so amazed by his artistry and was struck by his consistency.  The man was an innovator in Jazz, but what really got me was the simplicity of his playing. All throughout the telling of his artistic story, his stamp is recognizable, no matter what tune he is playing.  

Faith Works!

Today I want to talk about the wondrous blessings of God. I don't have to wait for the "sweet by and by" God is working in my life right now.

And The Winner Is ...

Thank you for all the well wishes, prayers and messages while I was under the weather. I really appreciate it. I’ve been thinking lately about some of the music award shows recently on TV. I must admit, as I watched some of them, I had no idea who some of these people were, especially when it comes to the Grammy’s and The AMAs.

Don’t Ignore The Signs, Don’t Be Ashamed

My heart aches hearing the news of a vibrant young woman who committed suicide last week. Karyn Washington was just 22 and hosted a popular website called, “For Brown Girls” FBG and Dark Skin, Red Lip project. She was an active advocate for brown girls of all shades to feel beautiful about themselves and to embrace who they are.

Rest and Reflection


I've been under the weather these past few days.  Someone in my office got a cold and try as I might, I got it too.  I tried everything, vitamin C, echinacea, hand sanitizer, but it got me.   So I'm taking over the counter meds, drinking water, taking emergen C to at least shorten the cold.  Needless to say, no singing for me until this chest cold thing is gone.  Trust me you don't want to hear my voice.