In DaJazz Queue

DaJazz Records is my record label. Here you'll find music from other artists that are either on the label or that are affiliated with DaJazz Records. DaJazz Records produces music across a variety of genres including Jazz, R&B, Rock, Gospel Hip Hop, World Music, Brazilian, and Electronic. It's all music for the soul. Check out some DaJazz tracks.



New Sun

New Sun is an instrumental by Guitarist/Composer/Arranger Don Griffin. Check out his guitar work on this piece, a delicate fusion of Jazz and Blues. Tasty like a fine glass of wine.

Escape (Phineas)

Escape is spiritual hip hop song co-written and performed by Mr. Hancock. Joining Michael on this track on vocals is DeVonne-Lee, the co-writer. This song speaks of hope and new beginnings.


CO is a gospel hip hop song written and performed by Mr. Hancock. Check em out.

Flower Eyes

Flower Eyes is an instrumental by Guitarist/Composer/Arranger Don Griffin.Also featured on this song is Brazilian pianist/keyboardist Thiago Pinheiro.